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Healthcare Law Attorney in Miami, Florida

Miami Healthcare Law Attorney

When it comes time to fight your health law or administrative law case, Elizabeth P. Perez has the skills and experience needed to help you win. By tapping into her immense compassion for her clients, Ms. Perez utilizes all her knowledge and resources to defend her clients. Although she began her career as a criminal defense attorney, she quickly refocused her attention to health law while continuing to offer support in her original practice area. Her focus on health law began in 2004 with landmark cases fought for the leading healthcare providers across Dade County and Broward County.

Health and Administrative Law Representation in Dade County and Broward County, Florida

As a hospital, doctor or any other healthcare provider, Ms. Perez will represent you in court or arrange arbitration to secure a positive resolution for your case. Your legal matters will always be handled with dedication and intensity to ensure you receive the best representation possible. From provider disputes to multi-million dollar management cases, this Miami health law attorney has helped resolve complaints single-handedly and as a team of litigators.

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Overpayments for Medicaid and Medicare Claims

The convoluted rules and regulations in the Medicaid and Medicare world can prove phenomenally difficult for healthcare providers to navigate. When facing disputes about overpayments, suspensions, and revocations, you can come to Ms. Perez for legal advice and representation at any point in the case. Your Miami health law attorney can help you file appeal paperwork and represent you in court to ensure you can resolve your dispute and continue practicing without delay.

Administrative Cases

Elizabeth P. Perez can act as a representative for you in administrative hearings, as you work toward your professional Board licensing. She has helped professionals in dentistry, medicine, nursing, massage therapy, orthodontic fields, and more, obtain their licensing with completion of these mandatory hearings. She has represented over 50 clients in Dade County and Broward County across the past 19 years.

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If you find yourself in need of an attorney for your health law or administrative law case, contact Elizabeth P. Perez today for a free consultation appointment. You will have a chance to discuss your situation in full to explore the legal options at your disposal. Your health law attorney in Miami will offer legal advice and extend the opportunity for legal representation your way if you want to pursue your case further.